10 Blonde Short Curly Hair Styles 2024

Long Curly Blonde Hair with Shadow Root:

This style combines loose curls with dark roots, creating an eye-catching contrast. The dark roots add depth and volume, enhancing the overall feminine.

Curly Blonde Bob:

A short, curly blonde bob offers a chic and playful look. The voluminous, bouncy texture of the curls adds a glamorous touch, making it a perfect choice for those seeking a polished yet lively hairstyle.

Warm Blonde Curls:

Long curly hair benefits from added layers and a warm blonde hue, which boosts volume and highlights the natural curl pattern. This style accentuates the curls, giving a vibrant and dynamic appearance.

Natural Curls with Blonde Highlights:

Blonde highlights on springy curls create a striking look. Despite requiring multiple sessions, the highlights add dimension and brightness.

Light Blonde Color on Coily Hair:

Coily hair can be transformed with a light blonde color, adding definition and volume. Keeping roots dark can extend the time between touch-ups, making maintenance easier.

Curly Bob with Platinum Blonde Highlights:

Platinum highlights on a short curly bob create an elegant and sophisticated look. Maintaining the platinum shine requires regular use of purple shampoo.

Honey Blonde Curly Hair:

Perm curls in a warm honey blonde color provide a major style transformation. This hue adds warmth and depth, enhancing the volume and movement of the curls for a striking new look.

Curly Bob with Bangs:

A blonde curly bob with bangs combines classic bob elegance with the playful bounce of curls. The bangs frame the face beautifully.

Super Voluminous Curly Hair:

Add excitement to your natural blonde with vivid highlights, incorporating various shades for depth. Lightest tones on face-framing strands accentuate your eyes for extra allure.

Caramel Blonde Hair with Deep Side Part:

Enhance your natural curl pattern with caramel blonde, perfect for those with brown skin tones, creating a captivating look sure to grab attention.