10 Best Plants That Attract Monarch Butterflies


A tough plant thriving in hot weather, known for attracting monarch butterflies with over 150 varieties.


Herbaceous perennials in purple, lavender, pink, and white, attracting butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds.

Tickseed or Calliopsis

Native to the Americas, producing small daisy-like blossoms attracting monarch butterflies and birds.

Black-Eyed Susans

Cheerful, perennial flowers native to North America, attracting monarch butterflies.

Oxeye Sunflower

Similar to sunflowers, attracting monarch butterflies and easy to grow in various environments.


Varied in color and size, easy to grow and provide warmth, attracting monarch butterflies.


Perennials with star-shaped blooms in various colors, great for attracting butterflies.

Common Lilac

Deciduous shrubs with fragrant blooms in spring, attracting monarch butterflies.


Around 350 species attracting monarch butterflies with hues of purple, dark pink, or magenta.

Blazing Star

Unique perennials with tall flowery spikes, attracting monarch butterflies with white, pink, or purple flowers.